The Science of male stripping in Melbourne, releases/938/view

We all know those hunk male strippers getting round in police outfits and fireman uniforms. But what else to these Sexy male strippers wear when the strut there stuff up and down the stage.

After watching Magic mike last month I found myself quite interested in the outfits girls define sexy or power full. Why is it that women find men in uniform attractive? I spoke to Andrew at M.I.A to find out what exacting do they girls love and what do they hate?

Hi Andrew how are you doing?

“Doing great thanks how are you?”

Very well, now tell me what is it which makes the girls all hot and steamy on the fashion on male strippers?

“Well the most common outfit would definitely be the police officer, as everyone loves the gag of having there hens being arrested becasue of a noise complaint. So I would definitely say that Cop is the number one outfit for a male stripper.”

Ok so what comes after a police officer?

Wow you make a great point! Anything Else?

” Other then your standard outfits I would say we mostly stick to your common dress up party attires.

Thank you so Much for you time Andrew.

“Any time”

Well readers I hope you learnt something today.